The Following Provides Answers to Some of The Frequently Asked Questions About Our Courier Services

  • Where can you deliver a shipment?

Same-day up to 300 mile from NYC metro area, Further points are available as well


  • What size shipments can you deliver?

Up to 44,000 lbs in a tractor trailer, up to 14,000 in a straight truck with lift gate

  • What size vehicles do you have?

Cars, Vans, Straight Trucks, Tractor Trailers

UPS is generally next day by 10am or longer, we can deliver direct, same day or time certain on any day

  • How fast can you deliver a package?

Depends on distance, travel time is the controlling issue

  • Can Econo-Courier do same day pick-up and delivery?

This is what we specialize in. Same day, or faster with direct services

  • Do you offer any discounts on delivery?

Larger accounts with good payment history and multiple deliveries can receive discounts

  • How can I request a quote for my shipment?

Several ways, Call, email or fax.

  • What do you need to know in order to give me an accurate quote?
  • Client,
  • Pick up location
  • Delivery location
  • Total number of pieces, size and weight
  • Pick up and delivery details (inside delivery, residential, loading dock, etc)
  • Ready time and delivery time
  • Special handling instructions

These are the most basic, generally the more information that is given the more accurate the quote.

  • How is my shipment safer with a courier than UPS?

Generally speaking, we pick up and deliver with the same driver and vehicle. UPS will have many people handling the shipment and with that there are more chances for the shipment to be damaged, separated or lost.

Office hours are Monday – Friday 7am-630pm- Operational personnel are available 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Warehouse is 830am-530pm with earlier / later hours by appointment when needed.

  • What are your hours of delivery?

24 hours / 7 days/ 365 days per year

  • Can you deliver my package right on time?


  • Can I track my shipments?


  • How do I set up an account?

Contact the office and speak with a Sales representative, or go to and follow the link for documents, there is a downloadable credit application there.

  • How late in the day can I call for a same day delivery?

There is no time limit, provided that the pick up and delivery locations will be open to ship/receive.

  • Are my packages insured?

Yes, there is an automatic amount of up to $100.00, additional amounts may be requested only at the time that the order is replaced. Clients that ship consistently may have a base amount that is higher set automatically

  • Can I store my shipments until they are ready for delivery?

Yes, we can receive material from 3rd party shippers or our own delivery vehicles and store the material until it is needed

  • I need regular deliveries between various offices, do you offer this service?

Yes, weekly and daily deliveries can be arranged. Additionally, in house delivery services can be set up.