How Logistic Warehouses Can Combat The Bustle Of Holiday Shipping

The rush of holiday shopping is fast approaching and businesses need to prepare now to assure deliveries are made on time. In addition to an increase in shipments, businesses should be prepared to handle lost packages, damaged packages, increases in shipping fees for expedited deliveries, and the need for more shipping supplies. Trying to manage all these holiday shipping items by themselves in addition to the increase in business is a difficult challenge to overcome.

The good news is there are steps businesses can take now to beat the holiday shipping rush.

Develop a shipping strategy.

If you don’t already have a defined shipping strategy and structured system, now is the time to create one. Creating a strong shipping strategy sets you apart from your competition because customers will know that you care about the order arriving on time and intact.

Many orders this time of year will be used as gifts, and customers don’t need the extra stress of them not arriving on time or arriving damaged. Review your packing criteria and determine if different materials should be utilized to prevent damage in addition to reviewing the number of employees you have staffed in the shipping department. Now may be a good time to update both.

Know the post office deadlines.

The post office and shipping companies have already published their delivery deadlines. Look at these now to determine how their promises will impact standard shipping timeframes. Make adjustments internally to how orders are fulfilled so you can keep up and deliver on time.

Pre-order packaging supplies.

Don’t wait to order shipping supplies last minute. Contact the supplier now to pre-order supplies, so you don’t run out of boxes and other necessary materials in the middle of the holiday rush.

Communicate with customers.

Make it easy for customers to know when their orders need to be placed by for certain delivery dates. Publish the information on your website as well as social media, and be sure to include it in any newsletters and emails sent to customers.

Insure deliveries.

Missing, lost, and damaged shipments can add up in expenses for a business. Get delivery insurance for all shipments to help alleviate these costs and keep customers happy with quick replacements.

Outsource shipping needs.

If you don’t already outsource shipping needs, now may be a perfect time. Holiday shipping can be stressful, and if a business isn’t prepared, it can cause a lot of stress and frustrations. Local couriers and logistics warehouses already have the equipment, software, and human resources to accurately navigate holiday shipping. By partnering with a courier or delivery company, businesses can focus their time on processing orders and building relationships with customers.

Contact Econo-Courier for your holiday shipping needs this year. We’re experts in providing safe, fast and reliable delivery service.