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About Us

Expedited Trucking, Logistics & Warehousing Needs

Econo-Courier began in 1971 as a man with one van and a great idea—to provide fast, reliable and economical courier services, trucking, logistics & warehousing to businesses in the New York metropolitan area. Over time we grew from a Man-In-A-VanSM to a team of drivers, dispatchers, and more.

We are now located in Parsippany, NJ, in our 35,000 square foot warehouse and Mount Laurel, NJ, in our 18,000 square foot warehouse, and have an expansive fleet that consists of cars, vans, trucks, and tractor trailers. We deliver packages of all sizes throughout the entire North East region for customers across the country. Our original Man-in-A-VanSM courier service has grown to include logistics warehousing, rush trucking, and tractor trailer services.

Years of experience and exceptional service have earned us the business of companies from a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, printing, and construction, among others. We have also partnered with other logistics companies to offer last-mile shipping services. All of the companies with whom we work know that we have the knowledge base and the skills set to meet the most complicated and time-sensitive of deliveries.

In addition to millions of packages and envelopes, we have been trusted to transport a very interesting array of cargo including a submarine propeller, an inaugural gown, and transplant organs. We’ve taken packages in our trucks to planes that we’ve chartered or to other shipping centers to get the job done. There’s no package too unique and no journey too unusual for our team!

Customers have trusted us for more than 50 years because we’ve stayed committed to our original mission, even as we’ve grown. We make fast, reliable service our priority for every customer. And, our team is made up of professionals that do more than just deliver—they understand the specific needs of our customers, adjust their service accordingly, and do it all with courteousness and care.

We’ve remained a family business through and through—staying rooted in our tradition while keeping an eye toward continuous innovation and adapting to smarter business practices.

Get to know Econo-Courier for yourself! Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can support your shipping needs.