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Running a successful business in today’s instant gratification mindset is a challenge for small businesses with limited resources. Businesses that need to deliver products and goods to customers often struggle with meeting customer expectations of quick delivery while managing shipping and routing costs. Hiring a dedicated delivery service is the key to achieving the right balance and allows a business to satisfy customers while continuing to grow. That’s where our dedicated delivery drivers & truck leasing services can help.

Econo-Courier offers a solution that helps businesses with their routing needs. We provide a dedicated delivery driver and vehicle through our popular Man-In-A-VanSM (MIVSM) service. By contracting Econo-Courier for your dedicated delivery service needs, you can continue to do what you do best, and let our expert logistics team handle the transportation.

Contracting the professional team at Econo-Courier allows businesses to:

  1. Save Money on Operating Expenses
    Expenses quickly add up when you hire a team of drivers and dispatchers with training, payroll, and potential employee turnover. After you add on the cost of purchasing, installing, and maintaining specialized equipment and vehicles; many companies have to increase the cost of their products to continue making a profit.
  2. Increase profit
    When businesses experience rapid growth with a limited delivery team, they often find themselves scrambling to meet customer expectations at a higher cost. By having a dedicated delivery service, you can add an extra driver with little effort and continue to generate orders.
  3. Retain Customers
    Today’s customers expect fast delivery for little or no charge. Many customers won’t even buy from a company if they have to pay shipping fees. By contracting Econo-Courier, you can keep your delivery costs to a minimum and still offer same day or next day delivery, so customers don’t take their business elsewhere.
  4. Flexibility
    We train our professional team of drivers on your company’s protocols and delivery runs. Businesses can customize how often and frequently drivers arrive to pick up and make deliveries. Some customers need a driver daily, while others only require drivers once per week. Man-In-A-VanSM (MIVSM) service is available seven days a week, 365 days a year, for pickup and delivery.
  5. Peace of Mind
    Econo-Courier drivers are trained to manage your delivery needs professionally. We provide uniformed drivers who will become familiar with your operation and treat your customer’s as their own. All of our drivers are held accountable for making deliveries on time, assuring packages arrive as expected, and being professional and kind to customers.

What Businesses Can Benefit From Man-In-A-VanSM (MIVSM) Service?

Medical Services
Hospitals, doctors, and pharmacies can deliver prescriptions, files, reports, and samples for review and testing quickly, so patients don’t have to wait for answers.

Get your products into the right hands at the right time with our reliable service drivers.

Multi-office corporations
Speed up the process of inter-office mail by having a dedicated driver transport files and materials from location to the next, while employees can continue to focus on their daily activities.

Wow your customers by delivering online or phone orders same day at a fraction of the shipping costs charged by major delivery services.

Save time and money when our MAN-IN-A-VANSM delivers for your business.