The Importance of Supply Chain Security

All companies are at risk of a data breach. If your company has a long supply chain, you are at an even higher risk to be hacked and any data breach can have a devastating impact on your business.

Fortunately, some things can be done to stay ahead of cyber criminals:

  1. Know who your partners are.

Identify your supply chain partners, and then find what their cyber security capabilities are. Make sure to vet all present and potential vendors for maximum security.

  1. Make sure your supply chain partners have up to date technologies.

Make sure you and your vendors have anti-malware, anti-spam, and endpoint detection. Your company’s firewall should be up to date which will prevent dangerous programs, spyware, or viruses from infecting your system. Finally, automate your system updates. They often contain important security updates that will protect the computer from new threats.

  1. Consider data encryption.

The National Cybersecurity Institute describes encryption as “taking data that is readable and making it unreadable to humans.” Data encryptions can make sensitive information challenging to decode.

  1. Train your staff to question suspicious behavior and be wary of electronic content.

Change the way people think about what they do. Hackers are successful because of the routine practices of humans. Employees need to know what to look for in suspicious emails and how to prevent viruses from entering their computer systems. Employees need to create strong passwords that contain a combination of alphanumeric characters with lower and uppercase letters.

  1. Implement policy designed to protect your data. Defined policies and procedures will help everyone in your supply chain understand the importance of protecting data. An Internet policy can outline what technologies and websites are prohibited at work.

The most effective supply chain security is when strict protocols are in place. Data breaches can affect a business for years. It’s vital to address technology, human behavior, and policy to maintain the security of your supply chain. By ensuring you’ve taken the right measures to protect your business, you can keep your supply chain and information secure.

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