Damaged Parcel? Check Out These Common Packing Mistakes

When a customer places an order online to be delivered, they expect a successful delivery, where the package arrives in good time and in good condition. Too often, packages arrive at a customer’s doorstep, and the goods are damaged. Once a box leaves the warehouse and begins its journey to the customer, the business has no control over what happens. While a company has no control once a package leaves their possession – they do have power beforehand. More times than not, it’s a matter of simple packing mistakes. Contact our office to avoid these traditional mistakes!

5 Common Packing Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

If you’re tired of customer’s complaining about broken products and damaged deliveries, make sure you avoid these common packing mistakes.

Mistake #1: Choosing the wrong packing materials.

Instead of choosing packing materials based on cost, it is vital that businesses focus on quality. Before committing to boxes, tape, and paper, request samples and send them on a test delivery. Take an average order and pack in the sample materials to test how they arrive at a doorstep. By focusing on quality, businesses will save more money because there will be fewer orders which need replacing.

Mistake #2: Skimping on labels.

Neglecting package labels is a significant and costly mistake, especially if the items inside are fragile. Label multiple sides of the box with fragile stickers, ensuring handlers are aware they need to manage it with care. If the contents of the shipment cannot be placed on their side, businesses should also utilize ‘This Side Up’ stickers to prevent damage.

Mistake #3: Not enough packing materials.

Fragile items may need some extra padding in addition to the box and packing paper. Foam, peanuts, and plastic air pillows are great additions to protect the items during transit.

Mistake #4: No attempt to waterproof.

Just like a business can’t control how a package is handled during delivery, they can’t control the weather. Some days boxes will be exposed to the elements during delivery and transitions. While you can’t waterproof the box, unless you wrap them in plastic, businesses can use water-resistant seals, tape, and interior plastic to minimize water leaks.

Mistake #5: Packing too much in one box.

Overstuffing too many items in one box may be a shortcut that businesses use to save money. However, it can cost more in the long run. When packing boxes, consider the other items in the box. If some are more fragile, pack heavier items in their own box.

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