The Benefits Of Choosing Local Companies

“Shop local” and “support local” are just two of many hashtags trending on social media. The support local movement has increased in popularity in recent years, as consumers move away from larger corporations to focus on those doing business in their own backyard. Supporting local companies; including retailers, salons, boutiques, restaurants, and farmers grow the local economy and comes with many benefits.

Know what is in your food.

Whether you’re shopping for your family or your business, when you buy food from local farmers, you know it is fresh. Plus, you know if it is organic, grass-fed, free-range, and free of preservatives. Most importantly, you can trust that it meets your family and company values.

Boost the local economy.

Local economies need support to continue to grow. Buying from other local businesses keeps more money in the local community. Some reports show that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 stays within the local economy. And others show that more than double the amount remains in the area than what is spent at chain stores.

Create and retain local jobs.

One significant way to boost the local economy is through creating jobs. The more you support local companies, the more likely they can afford to hire and maintain their additional help.

Set a good example.

As a local business owner, you want community members to support your business. Being a leader in the initiative is a great start to encouraging other business owners and community members to do the same.

Establish Relationships.

Small businesses that work together as a team are stronger than those that try to tackle everything on their own. When you support other businesses, you have the opportunity to build and establish strong relationships. Together, you can launch a “shop local” campaign in your town, host events, and educate community members on the importance of keeping their money in town.

Improve local culture.

You will often find unique businesses in local communities that offer products and services you can’t find elsewhere. The more you support these types of businesses, the more likely they will stick around. Having different businesses in the community creates a unique local culture that attracts outsiders and visitors.

Get personalized service.

Whether you need help shopping or have questions about your purchase, calling a company can often lead to long wait times with no results. When you work with local companies, you get to talk face to face with the individual helping you, and in return, they know you better and can offer suggestions based on your personal preferences.

Make someone’s dreams come true.

Finally, when you support local businesses, you don’t just help the business’ bottom line. You are also making dreams come true for their family, which can be anything from a family vacation to kids playing baseball or taking dance lessons.

Supporting local companies is part of our passion at Econo-Courier. If you’re looking for a local shipping service to help your local business, contact us today!