4 Shipping Mistakes You’ll Want to Avoid

Shipping plays a crucial role in business. It can serve as the “wow” factor for customers or be the cause of sheer dissatisfaction. Small mistakes can cost a business big time. Thankfully, there are steps shippers can do to avoid common problems.

Improper Packing

Whether you’re shipping wood floors, tiles, medical devices, or machine parts, size matters. Selecting the right sized box, the right amount of protective fill and taping method can save a business time and money. Faulty packing leads to damaged products. It’s essential to identify the product’s specific packaging and protective cushioning to ensure smooth shipping.

Transparent Return Policy

Having a clear, developed, and friendly return policy allows for returns to efficiently go to a centralized location. It keeps the customer and you accountable if something happens in transport and upon receiving the package. If you neglect the return policy, it will potentially drive away current and future customers, along with leaving your business with a low reputation.

Underestimating Weight

One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is estimating the weight of a product. During shipping, if there is a discrepancy in the actual weight of the packaged and the estimated weight by the business, an extra charge will be added, affecting the shipping cost significantly. The best option for a business is to measure the weight of a product before and after packing. Knowing the exact weight will guarantee the company is not charged an additional cost.

Not Maintaining Delivery Receipts

Product damage during delivery is not the fault of the customer. Having delivery receipts at every step of the delivery process will help identify the precise phase when the damage happened. In turn, the business will be able to avoid experiencing customer dissatisfaction.

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