Don’t Let Your Team Run Into These Courier Problems

Nearly eight in ten shoppers buy products online these days. With online shopping becoming more of the norm, businesses are being forced to step up their game when it comes delivering products. Today’s customers expect purchases to arrive quickly and intact, which doesn’t seem too difficult until your delivery company can’t fulfill their promises. When that happens, customers are quick to jump ship to your competitors. At Econo-Courier, we ensure that each truckload is delivered fast, on time, and efficiently. Now more than ever, reliable courier services are needed for this bustling holiday season. If your delivery service is experiencing some of these courier problems, it may be time to inquire about Econo-Courier’s specialized services.

  1. Lost packages.
    Delivery companies handle a large number of shipments for many different clients, making it likely that a box may get lost from time to time. However, if you find your courier service is continually losing packages, there may be a bigger problem with a lack of organization.When a courier service isn’t organized, businesses suffer through customer complaints, loss of revenue, and loss of loyal repeat customers. Discuss the lost package with a courier as soon as it occurs more than once in a short time frame. Ask them directly for information on how they plan to fix the problem.
  2. Failure to deliver on time.
    Another common courier problem and sign of disorganization is late deliveries. When businesses contract with a delivery company, you expect packages to arrive when promised. Customers expect the same. Delayed shipments make the business look like they can’t keep their promises because that is whom the customer has a relationship with.Avoid losing customers by holding the delivery company accountable. If they can’t meet deadlines, look for a reliable replacement company, so your customers remain satisfied.
  3. They treat you like a number.
    Customers expect personalized service and so should businesses when they outsource deliveries to a courier service. Businesses should receive the same personalized service when they communicate with their courier service. As a business, your delivery needs can change from day to day, and you need a courier that can take these requests without having to research the company before moving forward.
  4. The inability to be flexible.
    Since delivery needs can vary depending on the day and season, businesses should partner with a courier service that offers flexibility. Having a flexible delivery company assures that customers’ needs will be met, even when they are on a stringent deadline.
  5. Costs are all over the place.
    It is common to sign a contract when you hire a courier company. The contract should outline the costs and expectations set by the business. If you find that the monthly charges don’t match the original quote, there is cause for concern. Inquire why the costs don’t match the contract. If you are meeting your obligations, the courier service is required to meet theirs as well. This is the only way a business can accurately price products and shipping costs.
  6. High driver overturn.
    Many businesses utilize courier services because they get their own personal driver and vehicle. When there is a high turnover of drivers, businesses will find they have to educate the new driver on their company, delivery expectations, and deadlines. This is a waste of resources that cause delays in other areas of your business operations. A high frequency of drivers could be a sign of minimal training, or the company isn’t properly vetting their applicants.

At Econo-Courier, we understand these common courier problems and have taken actionable steps toward perfecting our delivery services. If you are ready to work with a courier service that delivers, contact the team at Econo-Courier today. We’ve been helping businesses like yours for more than 40 years.