Now that you know the different options available to deliver your packages, you might be wondering what’s the best option? That depends based on the type of service you want to receive, where you are shipping your packages, and when you want the package to arrive.

Ask yourself the following questions to help determine what company is best suited to deliver your packages:

  • What service are you looking for? Are you shipping your package locally? Do you want it delivered right away? If so, a courier service will be the best option for you. If you are shipping your package domestically or internationally and don’t have any time restrictions, a big name carrier will be the best option for you.
  • Are you worried about an important package getting lost? Most big name carriers have a long chain of custody. Packages are constantly getting loaded and unloaded by different people and traveling on different vehicles. With a courier service, the chain of custody is a lot smaller. The driver picks up your package and delivers it to its destination.
  • Do you want your package to arrive the same day? Many of the businesses that utilize courier services need packages to arrive safely on the same day they sent it. National carriers can’t offer same day shipping. If they do, it will cost you a lot extra.
  • Are you sending a fragile or important package? The businesses that choose a courier service are sending important documents and packages. Sometimes, a hospital will require an organ to be delivered immediately. Matters of life and death need to be transported in the right hands. Courier services provide safe, secure, reliable transportation and delivery.

Econo-Courier is a leading expedited trucking and courier provider for businesses that need to get documents, products, and merchandise anywhere, anytime. In addition to millions of packages and envelopes, Econo-Courier has delivered a submarine propeller, an inaugural gown, and transplant organs. Contact us to learn more about our expedited trucking, courier, warehouse, and logistics services.