From Amazon stating that they would deliver packages by drones to aerial photography shot by a drone to an innovative drone that can travel by air and sea, drones have been popping up a lot. The world is questioning drones place in society. Are they allowed to fly without a pilot? How high can they fly? Will they replace human labor? The Federal Aviation Administration has been doing its part in regulating drones, however, they have started to accept applications for drones to fly without a pilot.

Recently, there has been talk about drones replacing courier services and other delivery services. We don’t think that they will fully take over the human delivery force because of the following reasons.

  • Drones are expensive. One drone can cost between $105,000 to $186,000. That is more than double the salary for the average delivery driver.
  • Customer service. How would you feel if a drone just dropped your packages off? What if rain, snow, or bad wind delayed the arrival of your package? What if you had a question about the package that was delivered? A drone can’t answer your questions.
  • Personal touch. Delivery people provide a personal touch that is lacking with drones. If you need your package to be delivered to your garage instead of your front door, delivery people can account for that. A drone can’t ensure that the package was delivered to the right location.
  • Safety. Can drones carry double their weight? Would you trust a drone to transport an organ? For important packages and documents, a courier service is your best bet.

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