Courier Vs. Freight: What’s the Difference?

Shipping items has never been more accessible with the abundance of options available to you. The dilemma comes when you are trying to determine which service to use based on what you need to ship. If you pick the wrong service, you could end up with damaged items, lost packages, or, ultimately, losing out on money since many services charge more than it actually costs to ship. When it comes to deciding between Courier Vs. Freight, you have to ask yourself which is the best option for what you are trying to accomplish.

Courier Shipping

For standard shipping requirements, at about 100-150 pounds or less, you can usually find a local courier, such as Econo-Courier, who can take on the job. Implementing the latest technologies, such as GPS tracking and wireless services, a local courier can ensure your deliveries arrive on time, and that the location of your package is always tracked. Courier vehicles frequent hospitals, medical facilities, life sciences companies, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, local retailers, major department stores, third-party logistics providers, and more.

It is beneficial to use a courier because they are reliable with their delivery time and quality of their services. Your packages will be safe, and they will be delivered with speed and accuracy.

Freight Shipping

Bigger and heavier shipments usually warrant using a freight courier. Usually, these types of shipments take longer, as you can imagine. A freight courier is utilized for things like inventory shipments and bulky items. They sometimes will price by the truckload. Keep in mind that these types of shipments are not necessarily delivered to a person and might be left at the door or curb. Freight shipping allows you to ship those heavy or abundant items for a lower cost than that of a courier but may be less reliable and transparent.

Making a Choice

When making a choice between Courier Vs. Freight, determine what you are shipping and how far it needs to go. A local courier, like Econo-Courier, will always go the extra mile to ensure the timely and safe delivery of all your items. Contact us today!