With Cyber Monday in our rearview mirror, many people are turning now to tracking their packages. When you receive the notification that a package has shipped, more often than not you check the track of the package multiple times until it arrives. There have been some developments for tracking deliveries and we will discuss them in today’s post.

Tracking a Package

One of the most important parts of the shipping process is the ability to track a package. When using a courier service, such as Econo-Courier, it is becoming common practice to have tracking capabilities provided. Sending packages with a courier can be a safer, quicker way compared to sending them via traditional shipping methods.

When couriers offer tracking services it eases the stress of shipping an important package or important documents. The ability to find a package, should it need to be found during shipping, provides everyone involved with peace of mind, including the courier company. For the most part, these services are offered online so the customer has an easy way to communicate with the courier.


Automation is a big part of the courier industry and will continue to develop in the future. Customers want the ability to pay for the courier service online and then schedule the delivery. Automation is also an important part of the courier process on the company’s end. When you operate a warehouse that has thousands of items that need to be packed and shipped, automation can be a big help sorting out which items need to be sent where at different times.

Order Online

When you offer customers the ability to order services online, your shipping becomes even more popular. An online ordering process should be easy to use, quick and secure. Provide this to your customers and watch the popularity of your courier service expand.

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