Navigating the Roads: Driving in New Jersey

The Garden State is well known for its congested interstates, the parking lot Parkway, and navigating the often-confusing roads and jug-handles. It could take years for many drivers to master the skills required to ride comfortably in New Jersey. Whether you are new to the roads in New Jersey or have been trying to master the art for years, let’s examine some often-overlooked regulations. We know these are all taught in driving class, but something tells us the majority of drivers may have forgotten a point or two.

If you’re running a business – you don’t want to leave your deliveries in the hands of an inexperienced driver or another member of your team. Local courier drivers are well-seasoned on these roads – allowing you to focus more on your daily operations. If you understand the importance of time-management, your production and costs won’t suffer if you connect with a same day messenger service.

Tips for Driving in New Jersey

Driving in New Jersey can be a little tricky, and the last thing your business needs is to end up delayed and behind on your deliveries. Here are our best tips for making driving in New Jersey a little easier.

  1. Always use a turn signal.
    Cars and trucks have turn signals for a reason, and they are meant to be used while driving in New Jersey. By letting other drivers behind you know which way you plan to turn, there is less chance of an accident occurring.
  2. Don’t stay in the left lane.
    Riding in the left lane is not permitted in New Jersey. Left lanes are for passing only in the Garden State. Use it to pass the car in front of you and then return promptly to the right or middle lane.
  3. Let other drivers merge in front of you.
    Everybody is in a hurry these days, but it is not okay to speed up when you see another car trying to merge into your lane. Do the courteous thing and slow down to let them in. This is a ticket-worthy offense.
  4. Don’t use your phone while driving.
    We know it’s the law; however, it’s still happening. Talking, texting, and scrolling through your newsfeed is all great, but not when you are driving. Put the phone away and pay attention to the road in front of you. Using a phone while driving often results in accidents.
  5. Never stop at an EZ Path booth.
    Keep the transponder somewhere in sight so it can be easily scanned when driving through an EZ Path booth. Stopping at one of these will not be anticipated by the drivers following you and can cause an accident.
  6. Slow down at yellow lights.
    When a traffic light turns from green to yellow, it means you should slow down. Don’t be tempted to speed up in hopes of missing the red light. You could end up running the red light and receiving a traffic ticket instead.
  7. Understand the jug-handle before you drive here.
    The jug-handle is the term that refers to having to go right to turn left when driving in New Jersey. Pay attention to the signs that tell you where to turn right to make the left hand turn you need to make. While New Jersey residents are well-versed in this, most out of town drivers struggle to understand it. You need to be aware that other drivers can also impede your driving abilities.
  8. Turn headlights on in the rain.
    Turning headlights on in the rain is the law in New Jersey. It helps other drivers see you better and prevents accidents. High beams are meant for open country roads, and you must turn them off once you’re at a half-mile distance from an oncoming vehicle. Low beams are used for fog and other conditions which make visibility difficult, such as a snowstorm.
  9. Be courteous to other drivers.
    Since New Jersey drivers are often referred to as some of the heaviest-footed, make sure you show appreciation to courteous drivers. A simple wave to somebody that lets you merge goes a long way.

Driving in New Jersey requires skill and patience. Many businesses find it helpful to hire a local courier service or same day messenger service to deliver merchandise. The drivers at Econo-Courier have excellent driving experience and apt knowledge of New Jersey roads. We are ready to assist you with your delivery needs!