We are right in the middle of the holiday shopping season, which means consumers are doing their best to get items delivered on or before their celebration dates. Many consumers don’t know when the absolute last date is when they can purchase items and have them on time for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. When you use a courier company, you can take advantage of some special shipping abilities.

Couriers Ship Locally on Holiday Dates

One of the biggest advantages of using a courier company during the holiday season is that most couriers will ship locally on holiday dates. This means that they will be able to deliver packages when the post office is closed. Other delivery companies, such as FedEx and UPS, have the ability to deliver on holiday dates, but chose not to do so. Couriers can and most likely will deliver on holiday dates.

Last Minute Shipments

Courier services can also help consumers send last minute shipments during the holiday season. This can be done by creating an account with a courier service to ensure they already have your information. Already having an account will streamline the process of sending out last minute shipments on holiday dates or other busy shipping times throughout the year.

Warehousing for Overflow

Econo-Courier also has extra warehouse space for companies that need to store their overflow items. The holiday rush for retailers can bring an overload of products for the sheer fact that companies do not want to run out of stock. If this is the case for your company, consider contacting Econo-Courier to rent extra storage space from them for your overflow.

The experienced staff at Econo-Courier is here to take care of all your package delivery/shipping needs this holiday season. Contact the office in Parsippany, New Jersey at 973-882-8004 to discuss rates and options.