Running a business is stressful enough. When you run a company that routinely ships documents or products to clients or customers you will experience even more stress. An excellent way to lower the stress is to use tracking numbers on every single item shipped out by your company. Tracking numbers benefit companies and clients alike and we will discuss those benefits in today’s post.

Minimize Customer Anxiety 

One of the biggest benefits of using a tracking number is that it helps to minimize customer anxiety and buyer remorse. Customers who are unable to track their packages tend to stress over where it is located and when it will arrive. They might also experience buyer’s remorse and consider cancelling their order since they don’t know when it will arrive.

Reduce Pressure on Customer Service 

Your customer service team has a lot to handle when it comes to making sure clients are pleased with the service or products your company offers. When you use tracking numbers on packages the pressure on the customer service team is reduced. They no longer have to answer questions, record complaints or take phone calls from customers looking for constant updates about the status of their package. This gives your customer service team more time to deal with more important issues.

Recover Lost Package 

A tracking number can help your company, or your client, recover a lost package. Tracking numbers make it easier to track the progress of the shipment from start to finish, including any stops it made along the way with addresses included. A lost package might have simply been delivered to the wrong house on the customer’s street. The package also might have been misplaced in a depot along the delivery route. Either way, a tracking number will make it easier to find the package and have it delivered to the proper destination.


A package tracking number makes it easier for companies to provide transparency to their customers. Companies like to be as transparent as possible because it helps build trust with their clients. Clients who can track a package know their purchase is on the way and will arrive in the estimated time provided by the company, helping to build a lasting relationship.

Provide Delivery Information 

The tracking number of a shipment can do much more than tell a customer when the package is en route. It can provide customers with a host of added information. When a customer clicks on the tracking number he or she will be able to see an estimated delivery date, each stop along the way and if the delivery date has been changed. Once the package has been delivered, the tracking number can be updated to provide the recipient with information as to where the package was left (front door, back door, garage, mailbox).

Track Your Package with Econo-Courier

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