Pros and Cons of Expedited Shipping for Your Business

In today’s world of instant gratification, consumers expect to have things delivered to them in record time and the business world is no different. Every business depends on shipping in some way, whether it’s receiving a package from their suppliers or sending a product to their customers. Businesses turn to reliable freight and courier companies to provide quick and efficient expedited services, so urgent and time-sensitive deliveries are safely made.

So, is expedited shipping worth it for your business? Keep reading to learn more.

Benefits of Expedited Shipping for Your Business

Expedited shipping works for a few small boxes to an entire truckload of goods and products. This form of shipping is ideal for businesses who need goods delivered by a specific date.

One of the key benefits of using expedited shipping is to achieve a safe and speedy delivery. Customers are satisfied when their package arrives on-time or even ahead of schedule. This level of satisfaction translates into brand loyalty where they’ll continue to do business with you. On the other hand, when expedited shipping is used by suppliers, businesses are able to get to work more quickly, saving time and money.

When using expedited delivery, customers are typically provided a guaranteed delivery time rather than a broad and uncertain delivery window. Having a set time of delivery allows customers to plan around them with certainty which increases efficiency in their schedule, and once again, customer satisfaction. Further, the attention that is given to expedited shipments decreases the chance that the shipment is lost or damaged. This fact will ensure greater peace of mind and overall satisfaction.

Costs that Come with Expedited Shipping for Your Business

Depending on the size, distance, and speed of the delivery, expedited shipping costs can be significantly higher when compared to standard shipping. In many cases, these higher costs can be a deterrent for many from choosing the service. Not only are the costs higher, but the chance of an accident occurring, like a truck sliding on slippery road, can happen. Although these chances are slim, they’re not impossible.

If you’re considering expedited shipping and are unsure if it’s right for your business needs, get in touch with Econo-Courier. Our guaranteed, on-time deliveries and same-day rush shipping services will quickly, reliably, and economically get your shipments delivered to where they need to go. Reach out to our team today!