What to Look for When Choosing a Medical Courier

Working in the medical field, specifically working in pharmaceuticals, requires a lot of transparency when choosing a courier for delivery services. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, pharmacies and patients rely on medical couriers to deliver equipment and prescriptions to them safely and in a timely manner. Here’s what you should look for when choosing a medical courier for your delivery needs.

Safety and Security 

If you are looking for a medical courier to make equipment and prescription deliveries to your patients at their homes, you need to ensure that they practice safety and security in their operations. The courier should have gone through a lengthy background check and wear identification that the patient can see. This includes wearing branded clothing and using a branded delivery vehicle.

On-Time Deliveries 

When it comes to delivering medical equipment or prescriptions, you want a courier who will complete all deliveries assigned on-time. Patients might be anxiously awaiting their prescriptions so they can begin taking them, especially if the medication is used to relieve pain. On-time deliveries are also important for patients who are waiting for medical equipment that helps them live a better life, such as an oxygen tank or a wheelchair.

Tracking Capabilities 

The most reliable medical couriers will provide you with tracking capabilities on all deliveries. The ability to track deliveries makes it easier for patients to know when their equipment and prescriptions are arriving at home and if they need to be present to sign for the deliveries. When a patient can track a delivery he or she will be able to adjust their schedule accordingly.

Nights and Weekend Delivery 

Patients need their prescriptions at all times of the day, even on nights and weekends. An excellent medical courier will offer deliveries outside of normal business hours. This makes it easier for patients to place orders for medical equipment and their prescriptions, knowing they will arrive even after most delivery services stop operating.


As you continue to look for the right medical courier for the job, be sure to look into a service that has experience in the field. A courier that has delivered medical equipment and prescriptions in the past has the experience and knowhow to care for these products. An experienced courier will also know the regulations surrounding the transport of medical products and the precautions that must be put into place so they are not lost or damaged during transport.

Climate Control 

Climate control is an important part of using a medical courier. Some medications must be kept cold at all times, even when being transported from a pharmacy to a patient’s home. A true medical courier service will have a truck or car in their fleet with climate control capabilities so these medications can be properly transported to their destination.

As you continue your search for a medical courier, be sure to follow the tips outlined in this post so you choose the right one for your job. Contact Econo-Courier today to discuss your medical courier needs in the tri-state area.