Where Do Your Packages Go When They’re Lost In The Mail?

Mailing packages are a crucial component of many companies’ sales and growth strategy. It is especially important for businesses which sell products online or over the phone. Customers trust companies to deliver their orders as promised, in a timely and efficient fashion. Unfortunately, from time to time, packages get lost in the mail causing frustrations for both the customer and the company.

How Do Packages Get Lost?

Today’s companies utilize smart technology that allows timely tracking based on scanning the package as it arrives in a new port. The adaptation of technology has improved delivery success rates, but packages still get lost in the mail for a number of reasons:

  • Damaged shipping label.
    Depending on how far your packages have to travel, they are handled by several individuals. Unless tape or a sleeve protects labels, they can be damaged along the way. Spills, rips, marks, or even being completely torn off are some of the reasons packages get lost in transit. Without the necessary identifiable information, the shipping companies don’t know where to send the package, and it gets placed on hold.
  • The wrong address listed.
    As a business, you probably copy and paste the shipping address information the customer provided. On occasion, there could be a typo, and the wrong address gets printed on the shipping label as a result. The package will make it to the nearest port that services the listed zip code, but if the address is incorrect, the package will get rerouted to the sender or placed in a holding pattern.
  • Human errors happen.
    Many shipment centers still rely on humans to manually sort by country and zip codes. Occasionally, the package can get sorted incorrectly ending up in the wrong town. If this happens in the same country where shipment occurred, the package can be rerouted quickly. However, if the package was shipped internationally, it can be challenging to reroute it back overseas.
  • Some packages are stolen.
    Unfortunately, the last contributing factor to packages lost in the mail is that many are stolen. Theft can occur after a package has been delivered or during the transit process. If it happens after delivery, it is easier to track. If it is stolen during transit, the package disappears between scans making it more difficult to notice.

What Happens to Packages Lost in the Mail?

If packages don’t get rerouted to the sender, they are stored in warehouses where they initially become “stuck.” Businesses and customers can contact the shipping company and attempt to track the package based on size and color. It can be a difficult and challenging process trying to find lost packages.

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