LTL Shipping FAQs Answered!

In the world of shipping, some of the most commonly recognized deliveries come in the form of parcel shipping, singular packages, or whole truck shipping, where a single trailer is filled with pallets for a particular delivery destination. But LTL shipping, or less than truckload shipping, offers some great opportunities if the situation is right. Some business operators may not be familiar with the advantages of LTL shipping or why it would make a difference.

FAQ list to guide you in LTL shipping

What exactly is LTL shipping?

LTL shipping is for deliveries that require less than an entire truckload to carry but are more extensive than parcel deliveries. Typically, LTL shipments are fit to go onto a pallet and are packed in the vehicle with other pallets and loads that don’t require the entire trailer to themselves.

What sizes of shipments qualify for LTL shipping?

Shipments that are best suited for LTL shipment typically weigh between 150 pounds and 15,000 pounds. At lighter weights, parcel delivery would be more costefficient. At weights greater, the shipment will qualify to take up an entire truckload on its own and not qualify for LTL shipping.

What is the cost difference of LTL shipping?

The exact cost difference will vary based on the size, expediency, and distance of your LTL shipment. Typically, you are shipping a greater volume than parcel shipments, allowing for a more cost-efficient process. And by accepting the logistics of not having an entire truckload dedicated to just your shipment, cost advantages can be realized.

What are the other advantages of LTL shipping?

When utilizing LTL shipping on a pallet or pallets, your deliveries will be more secure. Without a pallet, there would be more opportunity for a package to get damaged or lost. You also benefit from tracking a single package with one tracking number rather than many different ones. 

Are there any downsides to choosing LTL shipping?

Packaging your shipment in preparation to send it via LTL shipping requires more consideration and time than if you were simply dropping off parcels at the smaller delivery service. Additionally, by sharing a truck with other LTL shipments rather than having an entire vehicle for your shipments, your delivery timeline will depend on the other shipments.

What if I have other questions?

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