When it comes to storing product waiting to be shipped, it is important to use whatever amount of storage space you have as efficiently as possible. Before resorting to costly measures like expansions, purchasing new warehouses, hiring new workers, investing in software, or other similar major overhauls, use these tips to ensure you are most efficiently using the space you have allocated to store your products in the most accessible and convenient manner possible.

Use More Vertical Space

While taking advantage of racking and vertical space may seem obvious, small improvements to your warehouse can have a significant impact on your efficiency. Consider adding mezzanines before adding horizontal space, and add racks to areas that are simply designated for floor space. When stocking a high capacity of product, it’s best to take advantage of as much space as possible without incurring additional construction costs.

Use Narrow Aisle Equipment

Using narrow aisle equipment can allow for greater consolidation of racks and product to better use the warehouse space. Be careful to not allow the aisles to get too narrow to the point where it causes severe aisle congestion in the replenishment and storage process.

Improve Labeling

Improper or worn signage and labeling can have an adverse impact on warehouse access. While labels on the floor might seem ideal, they may be often overlooked and difficult to read or scan as they undergo the wear and tear of daily activities. Consider using bin and aisle labels that are clear, easy to read, and easy to scan in order to expedite the process of retrieving stocked product. This may reduce errors and delays by doing so

Keep Some Slots Open

A general rule of thumb for increasing efficiency and capacity in a distribution warehouse is keeping 10 percent of the slots open. However, the increased demand during certain periods of time where products are shipped at a greater rate may require the extra 10 percent for stocking the products that are the most in demand.

Reduce Travel Time

While smaller warehouses may suffer less from travel time, it’s always best to attempt to reduce the amount of time it takes for a worker to retrieve product from the warehouse. Reduce walking and retrieving time by consolidating frequently ordered items in a convenient location in the same aisle. Visually similar items should be separated to avoid confusion and order errors.

Making the most of your logistics warehouse can increase productivity, profitability and efficiency. Use these methods to fully optimize your warehouse with the space you have available. You can then consider implementing more major overhauls if you require further space or efficiency.

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