Why More and More Medical Facilities Are Turning To A Courier Service For Their Medical Deliveries

So many times, we have watched the major medical drama shows where a character may be dying and needs an immediate transplant of a major organ. Other times, doctors and nurses are frantically pacing the hallway waiting for medical documents from somewhere across the country in order to be able to make the lifesaving decision for their patient. In the real world, however, certain cases may not be as overly dramatic as the ones that we see on television, however, they can certainly be just as time sensitive. What many people do not realize is that with this type of sensitive medical information, it is impossible for a medical facility to use just any kind of delivery service. Instead, they need to use a more personalized service to be able to ensure that the information that needs to be transferred is delivered in a timely manner without any chance of getting lost. It is instances like this that a medical office or hospital will turn to a courier service for their deliveries.

A simple occurrence in which a doctor’s office may use a courier service is something as common as sending information on a particular patient to another doctor or hospital. Often times, if a patient is given a diagnosis that they either do not like or they would like to question, they will turn to another doctor for a second or even third opinion. When the next doctor is beginning to do their own research into the diagnosis of their patient, they will need the information of tests, blood work, etc., from the previous doctor. This information is, more often than not, highly personal and sensitive. Also, if the diagnosis is something that is potentially life threatening, the information that the next doctor needs becomes extremely time sensitive.

It is a situation like the one described where a courier service comes into play for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, the first doctor’s office needs a safe and direct way to transport the information. If the information were to be taken to a post office for overnight service, that same information would not only pass through a number of hands but could also cost a good amount of money depending on the size of the package. A courier service provides a more personalized way of shipping with a limited number of people (often times just one) handling the package from pick up to delivery. Using a courier service can also be much less expensive than a traditional postal or big name brand delivery.

With years of courier experience in all fields, Econo-Courier understands the strict time constraints that a doctor may be working under when it comes to getting information on a patient that could potentially be lifesaving. We understand that we need to work around your time table and will consistently provide high quality delivery service. If you would like to find out more about Econo-Courier’s stellar medical delivery service options, please call our office today at 973-882-8004 or visit our website at www.econo-courier.com to find out more information.