How to Properly Ship Your Electronics 

Electronics are an important part of everyday life. There isn’t a moment in the day where someone isn’t doing something that involves the use of an electronic device. Whether that is a tablet, mobile phone, smartwatch, laptop, music player or any other device, our electronics are part of our lives. If you are planning a move, you will want to properly ship your electronics so they arrive at your new destination without being broken or lost. Make sure to follow some of the important tips below in order to properly ship your electronics.

Secure the Batteries for the Shipment 

The first thing you need to do when preparing to ship your electronics is to secure the batteries for each electronic. If not packed properly, batteries from electronics can cause sparks, fire, or hazardous heat. This is not good when packed inside materials that are highly flammable like cardboard and plastic bags. Cover all terminals of the battery with non-conductive material to prevent sparks or fire from happening.

Separate the Cords 

It’s a good idea to separate the cords when packing electronics for shipping. When you pack the cords separate from the electronic device, you ensure that the cord does not become tangled with the device, possibly breaking or bending the cord. Aside from preventing the cord from becoming tangled, you can also create better packing space within the boxes if you pack them separately.

Use Original Packaging 

If at all possible, put the device back into its original packaging. If you can do this you will add an extra layer of protection for the device. Then take that package and place it in a corrugated box for shipping. Not only does this make the shipping safer for the device, but it also helps to provide the recipient with peace of mind knowing you are sending them what they requested.

Fill Void Spaces 

Make sure you fill the void spaces in the boxes when packing electronics for shipping. When you fill the void spaces in the boxes you ensure that the devices do not rattle around, which can lead to them break during travel. You can fill the void spaces with packing peanuts, newspaper, paper towels, towels, bubble wrap or air pillows. Air pillows are very cost effective and provide the most protection for your electronic devices.

Use Water-Activated Tape 

When sealing the box that has your precious electronic devices in it, be sure to use water-activated tape. Water-activated tape uses a special adhesive that becomes incredibly strong when met with water. The adhesive becomes so strong that it becomes tamper-evident. Some water-activated tape has bits of fiberglass in it to provide an even greater bond to the package. Knowing your electronics are safe in transit is certainly a relief, as many electronics are expensive or carry important information.

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