6 Signs You’ve chosen the Right Warehouse Management Service

Today’s fast-paced business environment leaves little room for inefficient operations, as companies need to find ways to remain relevant and competitive. When it comes to warehouse management, many companies are choosing to outsource these services to third-party organizations that specialize in inventory management and shipping, such as Econo-Courier.

What to Look for in Warehouse Management

Here are six signs that you have found the right warehouse management service for your business needs.

Ability to meet fulfillment deadlines.

Warehouse management services need to be able to do more than store inventory. You will also want to look for a company that is proficient at picking and shipping orders to customers while managing seasonal demand changes. Ask about their current fulfillment standards, processes, and logistics strategies to make sure products will arrive on time and intact.

They value security.

The security of inventory and client information is vital when choosing a warehousing solution. The most reliable companies have a 24-hour onsite security system to protect inventory from being stolen. These companies will also invest in the right firewalls and IT security to ensure confidential information is not hacked.

They provide real-time tracking.

Delegating something as important as order fulfillment and shipping is hard for many businesses. Put your mind at ease by looking for a company that offers real-time tracking and updates on orders. Barcode tracking systems, in addition to remote user access, are two required items.

Cross-docking is an option.

Cross-docking cuts down on delivery times by having items picked up from the manufacturer and shipped directly to the final customer. This is necessary when shipping food or medicinal supplies.

They can meet your industry standards.

Every industry is different and has different standards that must be met. Vet any potential warehouse solutions to find out how they keep up with industry standards and what protocols are in place to maintain these standards.

Customers are their priority.

Relationships are a crucial part of doing business. Choose a warehouse company that is willing to work with you to maintain quality standards, communicate effectively, and make it easy to do business with them.

Finding a quality warehouse management company is a vital part of meeting customer needs and expectations. Econo-Courier can help! Contact us today for additional information