Pharmaceutical Transportation Company Discusses Safety Hazards

When it comes to pharmaceuticals, getting items from Point A to Point B requires more than just your average shipping considerations. Transporting pharmaceuticals can demand exceptional care and conscientiousness from a specialized pharmaceutical transportation company. That’s because pharmaceuticals often have very specific handling requirements that entail those responsible for shipping to be particularly cautious. In fact, there can be a number of safety hazards involved in pharmaceutical transportation. Learning what these risks are, and how to minimize them, is crucial for manufacturers and their transportation partners to understand.


There’s a much higher value placed on certain pharmaceuticals than what we might inherently consider. Controlled substances, like opiates and high-demand prescriptions, can be worth a significant price when sold outside of an intended supply chain, which makes them a target for thieves during transit. The estimated loss of pharmaceuticals stolen during transit each year totals more than 2.5 million.

To mitigate the risk of theft, a pharmaceutical transportation company should evaluate the security of pick up and drop off locations, as well as identify if and where drivers could be parking for long periods of time overnight, such as a truck stops. Additionally, consider the benefits of real-time GPS, which can be used to alert when a truck is outside the intended route or has stopped for an unexpected period of time.

Improper Container Environments

Shipping pharmaceuticals in improper container environments also poses a safety risk, for both the manufacturer and its consumers. Many pharmaceuticals demand certain temperature ranges to preserve their quality and effectiveness. If shipped outside of that temperature range, the substances could go bad and be a danger to anyone that uses them. A pharmaceutical transportation company will always need to be cognizant of the exact temperature requirements of the substances it ships, and ensure that its delivery trucks are outfitted with adequate temperature controls.


In addition to temperature control, the very timeliness of a delivery can also be the difference between a good and bad substance. There are some items, like clinic samples, that need to be delivered on time in order to remain valid for testing. Additionally, some pharmaceuticals are extremely time-sensitive simply for their high demand and impact on health. A two-day delay can be a serious situation for individuals and hospitals that rely on life-saving prescriptions. Needless to say, accurate departure times and efficient routes are critical in this industry.

To minimize all safety risks as much as possible, risk assessments should be conducted prior to each pharmaceutical shipment. This means that your pharmaceutical transportation company should identify all special handling requirements, route specifics, potential theft vulnerabilities, as how many workers to assign to the route.


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