Econo-Courier is a Specialized Logistics Provider

You could have the most efficient, world-class manufacturing process in the world, but if the way you get your end product out the door and into the hands of consumers isn’t just as world-class, you’re cutting yourself short.

Many retailers don’t handle the logistics of their products themselves, instead relying on third-party transportation and logistics companies to handle shipping. Turning to a third-party is often a highly-efficient, cost-effective way to manage logistics, because it puts the overhead and time commitment that accompanies logistics onto the plates of experts.

However, not every third-party company delivers the same quality. More importantly, not every third-party company specializes in the logistical needs of your specific industry. For example, organizing logistics for a medical retailer can be vastly different than organizing logistics for an office supply retailer. Each industry has its own standards, regulations, compliance laws, materials, and delivery timeframes that can require high attention to detail.

That’s why working with a specialized third-party logistics provider like Econo-Courier can be a game-changer for industries with unique logistical needs. Specialists have the day-in, day-out experience managing logistics for these different industries. With a specialist, retailers don’t have to reiterate that a certain type of product is time-sensitive, or that another type actually demands special handling and positioning within the truck. Instead, they can rest easy knowing their third-party specialists already have it covered. This ultimately translates into happier customers and higher sales.

At Econo-Courier, we have more than 45 years of experience specializing in some of the most logistically complex industries, including the below.

Logistics for the Healthcare/Medical Industry: Time and attention to detail is of the essence for this industry. It’s why we stay up to date with the latest medical courier training, ensuring we’re experts on the standards and protocol for delivering sensitive medical materials. Our service supports time-sensitive deliveries and expedited shipping, and our Man-in-a-Van service provides a dedicated driver to companies in need of daily deliveries.

Logistics for the Construction Industry: We know that no construction job is exactly the same. That’s why our experience handling a variety of construction materials, including those that are delicate and require careful, unique handling, makes us a truly reliable logistics partner for construction companies. We guarantee that the right quantity of materials reaches the right place, at the right time. We also make the extra effort to provide the best rates for local construction deliveries over a certain weight.

Logistics for the Printing Industry: We understand the importance of timeliness in this industry; when print jobs are late, the cost to suppliers can be steep. That’s why we can help coordinate unique logistics for each shipment and find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for printing companies and marketing firms.

We also have extensive experience supporting logistics for manufacturers, professional services, and other transportation companies. To learn more about how we support industries with specialized logistics, reach out to us online or call us at (800) 526-9094!