Why The Strengths Of A Courier Dispatcher Matter

When it comes to running a successful business, employees are the biggest asset of any organization. Hiring employees that lack skills, personality, and motivation can often be detrimental. Not every position in a company requires the same characteristics, but managers should hire for the position accordingly. In the courier industry, one of the key employees is the courier dispatcher. These individuals direct internal traffic, make sure customer expectations are met, and allow daily activities to flow with ease. Because of their role, the strengths of a courier dispatcher are important to look for and understand.

What is a Courier Dispatcher?

Courier dispatchers play a crucial role behind the scenes for courier and shipping businesses. Their primary responsibilities are to make sure delivery drivers have the right packages, letters, and orders along with a schedule of delivery times and addresses. Throughout the day they are the main point of communication for drivers. If there is a delay, they can’t find the location, or they run into a problem at delivery, the dispatcher must be informed. Dispatchers are the glue that holds the courier company together and keeps everything running efficiently.

Strengths of a Courier Dispatcher

Since the courier dispatcher is an essential piece of a courier company’s success, the traits they have are important. Here are four traits every courier dispatcher should have.

  1. Great communicator.
    Communication skills are vital for courier dispatchers because they need to be able to direct drivers, along with explaining guidelines, special deliveries, and assure that everybody is on the same page. At the same time, they also need to listen to drivers to identify any miscommunications actively.
  2. Good under pressure.
    Every day is different for dispatchers, with some being calm and others being stressful. Being able to handle pressure and high-stress situations are vital traits in keeping everybody involved in communication with one another and keeping workflow on track.
  3. Confidence.
    Dispatchers need to be confident in their decisions and directions when they delegate tasks. When they lack confidence, others will be quick to pick up on it – causing them to take shortcuts and make decisions on their own.
  4. Unbiased.
    There is no room for favoritism in a dispatcher’s position. They need to be able to direct, hold drivers accountable, and make decisions that are in the best interest of the courier company and the client alike.

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