A Shipper’s Guide to Time Critical LTL Holiday Freight

Less than truckload freight shipping, or LTL shipping, is a critical operation for many businesses relied upon all year round. However, the shipments you’re moving around the holiday season may very well be your most important and time-critical LTL of the year. And, of course, there is no busier time for shipments during the year than during these holiday months. So, if you find LTL is the best option for your time-critical shipments during the holidays, you should make sure everything is set up seamlessly, and you leave nothing to chance or error.

To ensure your time-critical LTL shipments get to their final destinations in a timely and effective manner, consider the following tips for your shipper’s guide.

Stick to the Plan

First and foremost, you must have a plan for your time critical LTL. To ensure your delivery arrives on time, you need to make and stick to a plan, so you’re not leaving anything to the last minute. Within the plan, always add buffer time in case of unexpected interruptions and challenges along the shipment route.

Have the Right Information Handy

If you’ve ever used LTL shipment, you know that the information required is more detailed and vital than merely dropping off a package at the post office. In advance of your shipments, be sure to start gathering the necessary information on where the shipment is going, where it will be picked up, the required dimensions and weight measurements, and appropriate classifications needed such as the National Motor Freight Classification. Gathering these pieces of information will assist you in identifying any gaps and ensure the transfer to the LTL shipment provider is as smooth as possible.

Be Careful and Thorough in Your Packing Process

When utilizing LTL shipping, you must pack up your pallet in a safe, efficient, and effective manner. You want to make sure all your goods are securely strapped in and have the proper cushioning to prevent damage in a way that takes up the minimum space, both for effective transport and to reduce the ultimate cost of your time-critical LTL shipment. If you have any special considerations such as ‘Do Not Stack,’ ‘Fragile,’ or ‘This End Up,’ be sure to clearly label that on the shipment and make sure the LTL shipping provider is aware.

Rush Trucking (LTL Services) & Pallet Deliveries

LTL shipping is an excellent option for your time-sensitive shipments, even around the holidays. As an LTL freight expert, Econo-Courier can help you identify the best practices and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today!