How Much Will I Save By Using Courier Companies?

The Internet seems to open more doors for businesses offering products online than stores you can physically walk into. In the past, customers were happy to order online and patiently wait for their shipment to arrive. These days, the expectation for faster delivery times has significantly risen. As a small business, it can be challenging to manage incoming orders, processing them, and getting them out for delivery. Utilizing courier companies is a great way to make quick deliveries, wow customers, and keep them coming back for future purchases. Contact us today!

Courier companies deliver packages, letters, and mail from a business to another recipient. They are a great solution for companies which don’t employ their own fleet of drivers and are also known for their time-efficient deliveries.

Save Money By Using Courier Companies

One of the biggest reasons businesses use courier services is because it positively impacts their bottom line.

  1. Increase customer satisfaction.
    Using a courier service allows businesses to offer fast delivery times for last minute orders. When you can provide exceptional service for these orders, customers can become increasingly loyal and are more likely to order from you again.
  2. Never miss a sales opportunity again.
    Courier companies deliver around the clock, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, which means businesses can accept orders and guarantee delivery any day of the week. Without a courier company, businesses may lose orders because they can’t fulfill the delivery deadline. This is especially vital in the medical supplies industry when times aren’t flexible for certain medications and supplies.
  3. Employees can focus on revenue-generating tasks.
    Some businesses utilize existing staff to make last-minute deliveries, taking them away from their own job tasks. Instead of sending a valuable team member on a delivery, it would be more cost-effective to hire a courier company.
  4. Big shipping companies are expensive.
    Big name shipping companies charge higher rates because all deliveries go through a sorting center for distribution. Courier companies don’t utilize these types of centers, nor do they require a shipping minimum, allowing them to charge less for deliveries.
  5. You don’t have to maintain delivery vehicles.
    Instead of investing in company-owned vehicles, businesses can save the initial investment, as well as the cost to maintain, insure, and register these vehicles by using a courier company that uses its own vehicles.
  6. Less money spent on training drivers.
    Employee training is a significant cost for any business. By using a courier company, businesses don’t have to worry about training drivers or driver retention once a driver is trained.
  7. The option to combine freight deliveries.
    Some courier companies offer a shipping solution known as rush trucking or Less-Than-Load (LTL). LTL shipping allows you to combine freight with other businesses when there isn’t enough to fill an entire truck.

In addition to warehouse solutions and tractor-trailer services, Econo-Courier is your local courier service provider. Contact us today to learn more!