Why Your E-commerce Business Needs A 3PL Provider

When most business owners jumped in feet first to bring their product to the world, chances are they did it because of a great idea. Those days spent imagining a business with you at the top were unlikely to capture ideas about the logistics behind it all, specifically fulfillment, procurement, and other critical processes.

If these logistics aren’t your specialty and you’re worried about spending too much of your business’ time or resources on them, third-party logistics providers (3PLs) can save the day. Third-party logistics companies specialize in all of these tasks and can accomplish them quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

As your E-commerce business grows and blossoms, and you find the logistics may start taking up more and more of your attention, consider the potential benefits of outsourcing to a 3PL provider:

Efficiency in Costs

Many E-Commerce businesses start with extremely humble operations, packing and shipping products from the garage or the kitchen table. This process may make sense while operations are small, and you’re just starting out, but once the sales start pouring in, the costs to continue operating the logistics yourself will balloon. More space will be needed for storage, more materials and transportation will be required, and the time it takes will only grow. As all of these factors add costs and take away potential profit and growth, a 3PL provider can accomplish all of these needs at an accelerated rate and timeline, resulting in cheaper costs and greater efficiency.

Because 3PL companies handle products other than just your own, they can tap into the economies of scale. They’ll have existing warehouses that can add your products to thier footprint with minimal effort. They have shipping and transportation processes that move massive quantities, allowing yours to be added for an affordable cost.

Tap into Their Specialty While You Focus on Yours

Your specialty is your E-commerce business, along with the marketing and selling strategies. Success in those areas is what led to you needing enhanced logistics, so any extra hours you’re spending figuring out the shipping details on your own are hours not spent making your product and its sales process better. If you really want to grow the success of your business, it’s critical that you outsource logistics to the experts.

Scalable Growth

All of these factors are necessary to take your business to the next level. You can always add working hours to your day, or even hire a new employee or two to help you keep up with the logistics, but growing in that way will not be sustainable. To truly scale and take your regional product national or even international, 3PL providers are critical partners you must utilize.

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