Legal Documents That Can’t Be Emailed

The digitalization of the world via the Internet has been one of the most momentous and impactful developments of modern society, especially when it comes to communications. Being able to instantaneously email any document, or even digitally ‘sign’ a document, has made many interactions easier and faster.

Despite these advances, there are implications with sending legal documents via email or other digital means. Therefore, sending and delivering these documents by certified courier may be your only option. Knowing which situations this applies to is critical and can prevent a host of headaches down the line:

Wills and Other Estate Documents

For legal purposes, the documents you put together while planning your estate need to be originals. Under certain circumstances, faxes, emails, and copies of estates will not suffice. You may require a courier to move these documents around to various parties who might need to sign them, such as a lawyer, family member, financial planner, and others.

Passport Applications

For similar reasons, the initial adult passport application cannot be completed digitally by email or online. This document is so critical and important that originals need to be used so your valid, physical signature can be found. You may find a courier is the safest and most reliable method to ship your documents.

Other Legal Documents Where Security and Traceability Are Critical

Even with the convenience, immediacy, and mobility of emailing important documents, there are scenarios where there are risks to your security or personal information. This can especially be the case when it comes to your legal documents. When you email legal documents with personal information, the potential for interception or it being passed on to someone who shouldn’t have access to it is a possibility. That situation can lead to identity theft and other legal problems.

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