Maneuver Your Vehicle Properly With These City Truck Driving Tips

If you recently acquired your CDL, you already know that driving a truck requires extra steps to assure your safety and the safety of others on the road next to you. When it comes to city truck driving, navigating the roads can be even more difficult thanks to heavier traffic, smaller roads, and the close proximity to the sidewalks. Whether you are seasoned or new at driving in the city, here are some tips to remember before you head out on your next route.

Plan Your Trip

Most days, truck drivers have a jam-packed schedule that include delivering cargo by certain times throughout the entire city. It is crucial that before you get behind the wheel, you take time to plan your day. Look at your route and check the news for any potential delays including accidents, construction, or road closures. A trucker’s GPS will tell you driving specifics, including updates on traffic, when to switch lanes, and how long until your exit.

Conduct a Pre-Trip Inspection.

Doing a thorough inspection each day before you take to the roads is essential in preventing accidents and breakdowns. Check the lights, blinkers, fifth wheel, tires, etc. to assure they are in working order and there are no potential safety hazards.

Slow Down

As you enter the city, there will be more traffic and more distractions. Too often drivers get frustrated with the increase in traffic and make quick decisions or drive too fast to make up for lost time. Slow down and remember to adjust to the posted limits when necessary for safe trucking speeds.

Watch for Pedestrians

In addition to more car traffic, there is also more foot traffic and cyclists to share the road with. Keep an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists before pressing the gas at a light or four-way intersection. People are unpredictable, and you never know when somebody might decide to dash across the street.

Pick a Lane

City drivers tend to be in a hurry and will zip in and out of the spaces around you. By committing to one lane, you minimize the potential danger of moving at the same time as a smaller vehicle.

Look Ahead

Staying alert and aware of what is in front of you will minimize any potential danger. The sooner you recognize a threat, the easier it will be to brake or react safely. Be on the lookout for accidents, low power lines, slow cars, and taxis that suddenly stop to pick up a fare.

Stay Calm

No matter what a day of city truck driving hands you, remember to stay calm so you can continue to make safe and rational decisions throughout the day.

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