Drone Technology is Taking Over Deliveries

When it comes to job site deliveries, companies are always looking for ways to speed up delivery times while still keeping expenses at a minimum. While the idea of drones delivering products was once thought to be impossible, today it is a reality with shipping giants like Amazon and UPS investing in their own flying robots.

Drone Technology Success

Drone technology has been used for years to collect data from places that humans can’t easily get to, for instance the sky. Drones capture images and allow project managers to gain valuable insight into our world. These pictures improve projects by helping workers avoid serious missteps and setbacks due to unknown information. Drone technology is also used in the construction industry for 3Dmapping which makes it easier to forecast project costs and gives companies a competitive advantage.

With many companies experiencing success from better data and improved efficiency, it comes as little surprise that businesses have started to use drone technology in other areas. Improving project management is one of the areas businesses are seeing success with drones. Project managers can see what is happening in real-time, even if part of the project is a mile away. Drones can also keep track of inventory, equipment, and employees.

Drone Technology & Deliveries

Drones, also referred to as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have been seen delivering everything from pizza to packages in other countries of the world. 2018 is expected to be the year commercial drones begin delivering packages in the United States once the FAA’s security concerns are addressed. Drone technology will change job site deliveries and the way teams’ complete projects.

  • Faster access to needed materials
    PrimeAir is being designed to deliver packages in 30-minutes or less in some areas. Businesses will have faster access to materials and equipment they need to complete their normal and unexpected responsibilities for the day.
  • Ability to quickly replace incorrect materials
    One of the biggest setbacks on a job site is when the wrong materials are ordered or shipped. Instead of waiting for days to resolve the situation, companies will be able to reorder the correct materials and have them delivered the same day.
  • Fewer vehicles on job sites
    Job sites can quickly get clogged with numerous vehicles from construction equipment to employees’ vehicles. This can block access to valuable areas for a lengthy amount of time. With drone delivery, job sites won’t have to worry about having delivery vehicles in their way.
  • No worries about traffic or road closures
    Traffic, accidents, road construction, and closures are all a part of driving. They can also delay important shipments and projects when they don’t show up on time. Drone technology removes these hurdles from your day and helps keep projects on track for target completion dates.

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