Is AI Technology Taking Over?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the supply chain industry with the promise of making companies more efficient while saving money. The popularity of AI, machine learning, and robots combined with analytics leaves many wondering if AI technology will take over. While some predict the need for human workers will decline, that isn’t completely accurate.

The addition of artificial intelligence to the supply chain industry creates new positions for humans according to a book, Human + Machine: Reimagining work in the age of AI. AI technology will take over certain monotonous tasks in the supply chain industry. Humans are still a valuable piece to continued success; their roles will just look a little different:

  • Trainers: These individuals will guide the AI technology to learn algorithms, how to mimic human behavior, and how to perform.
  • Explainers: Individuals that can analyze and interpret the statistical data delivered through AI technology.
  • Sustainers: Individuals that hold the AI technology accountable for maintaining their original purpose.

What Does this Mean for the Supply Chain Industry?

By embracing AI technology, supply chain leaders and managers will experience many benefits, including:

  1. Ability to Make Better Decisions
    AI technology empowers managers to make better decisions to impact the future of their operations because they have access to better data.
  2. Less Time Being Reactive
    A current struggle in the supply chain industry is that managers waste time being reactive to incidents or problems that arise. With better data, these types of scenarios will be able to be predicted and managed before they occur.
  3. Meeting the Needs of More Clients
    For companies that have more than one ideal client, AI technology allows you to create multiple supply chains geared towards each unique set of clients. When you can meet customer needs effectively, you increase retention and loyalty.

Next Steps for the Supply Chain Industry

What steps should the supply chain industry take to prepare for these future changes? Many supply chain managers and workers are already taking steps to prepare for the change that comes with AI technology. Here are a few steps you should start with:

Prepare Your Existing Team

If AI technology is on the horizon, now is the time to get your current workforce onboard by showing them there is still a need for their skills. Train employees on new areas where they can add value before AI technology comes into play. This not only helps keep morale up, but it will also keep you from having to find as many new employees to fill new roles.

Recruit New Team Members

The future of the supply chain industry requires individuals with knowledge or backgrounds in risk management, business development, and dissecting data.

Look for New Areas AI Technology Can Help

Continue to look for new ways that AI technology can help you succeed. By identifying new areas or tasks that can be moved from human workers to AI, you can focus more attention on what matters most to your customers – delivering an exceptional experience.

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