Does your business do a lot of transporting of items to numerous places on the East Coast? If you answered yes to this, having a courier service like Econo-Courier is essential to helping your business run smoothly and efficiently. Let’s discuss some important factors you should be looking into when deciding on a courier service and why Econo-Courier is the best option for you.

The most obvious reason that a business would hire a courier service would be the speed of the delivery. When you use a courier service like Econo-Courier as opposed to a national company, you know that your package will not end up in a warehouse somewhere just waiting to be transferred. You don’t have to worry about it sitting around for hours on end waiting for it to be brought to you. Also, the only time it changes hands is when we deliver it to you so there is no fear of it having to move from truck to truck or other destinations. This is especially great if you’re a business that needs same-day deliveries.

Besides being speedy with your delivery, Econo-Courier is also speedy with your account information. We have secure online access in which you can easily place your order into our system, track your orders in real time and use our reporting tools to search for a specific order. We also allow you to view or download current and past invoices, keep a running tab of your address book and references and also allow customization of your profile on our site. We also have a quick-track tool in which you can see exactly where your package is located and an estimated time of when it will be in your hands. These are all features that can ensure you that your package is in good hands.

A factor that you should take into consideration when choosing a courier service like Econo-Courier is the reliability factor. When you use Econo-Courier, we ensure that your packages will arrive on time and in good condition. Whether it is sunny and beautiful out or snowing, we give you that reliability. Along with that, we also have real-time tracking so you can always see where your packages are. We will also notify you when your package has reached its destination.

At Econo-Courier, another factor you should take into consideration when you use our services is the economical factor. The cost of having us deliver your package versus having someone on your staff do it will save you money. If a staff member needs to take the time out of their workday to deliver a package, you are losing valuable manpower and billable hours to deliver your package. We have competitive pricing and we can ensure that your package gets delivered on time. With pricing, the rates also change for the post office or other large delivering company depending on a bunch of factors. With Econo-Courier, you will always know how much it will cost to send an item using our courier services.

We have been satisfying customers since 1972 with the concept that we wanted to hand deliver items of any size to your customers in a quick turn around time. We live by the motto “Very Fast. Very Reliable. Very Economical.” With a motto like this and us being in service for over 40 years, you know that you can trust us to get the job done. We have a proven track record and can provide major benefits that only an established company can provide.