Our most popular service is the courier service we provide. Econo-Courier has been providing same day delivery and courier service throughout New Jersey and the tri-state area. The courier service we provide is economical, reliable and provides a prompt delivery. Econo-Courier will provide you with time-sensitive deliveries anywhere in the continental US. Econo-Courier has an array of vehicles setup throughout the area that will help us complete your request in a timely manner.

The areas of courier service that we cover are:

  • Medical courier/deliver service
  • Medical supplies delivery/delivery service
  • Manufacturing courier/delivery service
  • Architectural courier/delivery service

Besides for courier services, Econo-Courier offers a service in New Jersey and the Tri-state area for bigger deliveries. Entitled Less Than Truckload (LTL) services, we can save you billable hours and time by using the same approach for courier services with our fleet of trucks. What sets us apart is that we minimize the handling of your goods, which in turn reduces damage or misrouting while in transit to its final destination. The fleets we use have the updated equipment that secure your load while in transit and delivers it to your clients. We have lift gates available at no extra charge, if needed.

One very customized service that Econo-Courier offers is what we refer to as Man-In-A-Van service. With this service we provide you with a professionally trained driver, vehicle, trained backup, routing assistance and the support of our team here at Econo-Courier. We put you in the driver’s seat (not literally) and give you control of the vehicle. You can use this service for both your short-term or long-term projects and our guaranteed pricing helps you to manage your costs.

For your expanded shipment needs, Econo-Courier has grown to full-truck load services. We are proud to be one of the premier transportation companies in New Jersey that can provide same day services and provide the delivery of your largest items to your clients by the time frame you impose. We can deliver you an empty trailer that you can load while we are present and then we deliver it to your location as needed. We also offer direct delivery or delivery by appointment at no extra charge if you need it.

The last thing that we offer here at Econo-Courier is our logistic services. Our logistic services were developed to help our clients and their expanding needs for our services. We’ve developed a suite of services within our warehouse facilities. We’ve equipped our warehouses to ship or receive your material in a flash so that we can help meet your client needs. At our warehouses, we can receive packages, pallets, crates or floor loaded freight. We can also help you repack, re-sort or crate your materials; whatever you need. We also provide you with inventory management without disrupting your staff.