Common Courier Myths Part 2

We discussed a few popular myths surrounding the courier industry in a previous blog, but we felt it wouldn’t hurt to talk about a few more since we’ve heard so many! Here are a five more myths we are looking to uncover some truth about in today’s blog.

  1. Outsourcing to a 3rd party is giving up.

This is certainly not true and in fact, outsourcing your deliveries to a 3rd party is the opposite. You are making strategic moves to run your business more efficiently. It shows you care about your employees working to enhance company growth and front-end operations as well as the fact that your clients are receiving packages and documents in a professional manner. In 2014, the Annual Third Party Logistics Study showed that companies who outsource logistics and supply chain functions ended up seeing an 11% reduction in logistics costs and a 6% reduction in inventory costs. Many large corporations use a 3rd party. 

  1. You have less visibility of your supply chain when a 3rd party manages it.

With the advancement of today’s technology and a 3rd party logistics company who makes sure to stay up-to-date, businesses can actually keep track of your shipment at all times and stay alert when it changes hands. Outsourcing to the right company can actually increase visibility with real-time tracking data. There are online tools that report supply chain visibility, allowing you to check inventory, track freight, and find carrier rates. When managed properly, outsourcing is the optimal choice.

  1. Your operations are too crucial to let someone else handle.

Actually, the more crucial your supply chain is, or even parts of it, the more reason there is to place it in the hands of a trusted 3rd party. It is the sole task of the logistics company to understand these processes and to spend their time and attention getting it right. They focus on accuracy and efficiency when handling your account and want to create a mutually beneficial relationship. 

  1. Partnering with an outside transportation manager will eliminate my job.

Instead of causing employees to lose their job, partnering with an outside transportation manager will allow the employees to spend more time on important in-house tasks. It is a hiring decision made to benefit the entire company. The partnership should be used as a resource for revenue growth and efficiency. So many businesses would not choose to work with outsourced companies if it hurt their internal workings.

  1. Transit times are guaranteed.

In order to keep an honest and trusted relationship with their clients, couriers will not guarantee you pick-up and delivery times. They will instead give you estimates based on things like the carrier’s typical lanes and the traffic density of the pick-up and drop-off locations. Guaranteed transit times may be an additional service for some couriers, so make sure you check with them first if it is important to you. You should also keep in mind that you do not typically need a ton of lead time when scheduling a pick-up for your items.

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