Shipping Tips Over the Holiday Season

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, it is more important than ever that your business is ready to accommodate the increased demands in shipping. Peak season, as it is known, sees a dramatic increase in shipping volume, causing business owners concern in regards to the best method to reliably ship their products on time. Here’s a few tips to give your customers the best shipping experience possible for the holidays this year:

Ship Using Local Couriers 

Because many large corporate delivery companies choose not to deliver on holiday dates, use a local courier service like Econo-Courier to give you dedicated and reliable delivery on holiday weekends. While we generally don’t ship on holiday weekends when the customer doesn’t specify a preference, exceptions can be made if requested. If the delivery is scheduled through us during regular business hours and the location for pick-up and delivery are both open for shipping during the holiday, we can accommodate your needs. Be sure to call ahead to notify us of your request and we can work out the details of your holiday delivery.

You can also use local couriers for last minute shipments, especially if you’ve already set up an account with the service and they have access to all your information and preferences. Also, keep in mind that Econo-Courier has warehouse space for businesses to store any excess products that you’ve ordered, to ensure you don’t run out of stock for the holiday rush.

Offer Competitive Shipping and Return Policies

Given the abundance of competitive businesses in every market, consumers have more options than ever and wouldn’t hesitate to take their business elsewhere due to unattractive shipping rates or return policies. Be sure to clearly lay out exactly what the customer should expect from your prices and policies. A lenient return policy and a longer window for returns will likely lessen the volume of returns you experience, giving your business more money and more satisfied customers.

Don’t Forget the Basics! 

While it may be obvious to some businesses, it is important to have a safe, reliable, and consistent shipping strategy that ensures the customers receive their items intact and on time, especially during the hectic holiday season. Nothing will upset a customer more than broken or delayed shipment, days before they were planning to gift it. Pad the contents of your packages with bubble wrap or Styrofoam inserts with at least two inches of cushioning on all sides. Try to fill the entirety of the box so the items and padding fit snugly and don’t allow for shifting or breaking. Securely and adequately tape all seams and flaps while adding any additional reinforcement as needed, and consider including an additional address label inside the box in the event the outside of the package is damaged in any way.

Need help with your shipping needs this holiday season? The experienced staff at Econo-Courier can reliably handle all of the shipping and delivery requirements for your business. Contact us online or call us at 800-526-9094 to discuss options and rates.