Weighing Your Local Shipping Cost Options

E-commerce is a great way for your business to expand to a greater consumer base. More people are browsing online than ever before, and most people spend more online than they would in-store. The one thing standing in the way of your conversion is a high shipping cost.

In the age of Amazon Prime, consumers have become accustomed to same-day shipping and delivery. While same-day delivery is understandably not an option for most businesses, it is imperative to have shipping options that can compete.

To interest shoppers, you need to offer fast and affordable shipping options that can get the product to the consumer when they need it, without breaking the bank. While customers love free shipping and will be more inclined to make a future purchase, you need to ensure that free shipping will not impede your profit. Inexpensive and reliable shipping is a great way to attract repeat customers.

The faster you need to ship your item, the more expensive it becomes. And don’t forget that weight is also a factor in determining price. We’ve broken down the shipping costs associated with each major carrier in the US.



FedEx offers many shipping options to compete with UPS. First Overnight offers next morning delivery for $81.69, FedEx Priority Overnight offers next day delivery before 10:30 a.m., and FedEx Standard Overnight offers afternoon delivery to rural areas and private residences for $46.30. Next day shipping rates start at $81.11 for a 1-pound package and scale to $429.71 for 50-pound packages. Be warned, FedEx charges fees for oversized packages. If your package is determined to be a Ground Unauthorized Package, you could be facing a fine of $675 in addition to having your package refused and returned to you.



UPS’s Next Day Air can ship items less than 8 ounces for $46.58. If that’s not good enough, by almost doubling the price, you can use Next Day Air Early A.M., which guarantees morning delivery for $80.98. If your business specializes in heavier products, UPS will be a cheaper option than FedEx as items get heavier. Starting at $81.47 for 1-pound packages, shipping costs only go up to $240.80 for 50-pound packages. The penalties for choosing the wrong shipping method are also less severe than FedEx’s. Instead of sending your package back, UPS will charge you for a package correction.



The Post Office may be notorious for slow delivery, but they’ve introduced new shipping methods in an attempt to compete with private carriers. If your business specializes in items that weigh less than a pound, USPS has the most cost-effective shipping method. Priority Mail Express is their version of overnight delivery. For just $24.70, you can ship any item within the US that fits in their Mail Express envelope. To ship larger packages overnight, it will cost you more. Starting at $39.40 for a 1-pound package, the pricing scales up to $288.45 for a 50-pound package. An added perk, they provide free shipping boxes and will deliver them to your business.


Why Choose a Local Courier?

With the number of consumers shopping online expected to grow each year, shipping costs will become more important than ever. When deciding on which shipping method and service is right for your business, keep in mind that consumers will associate any negative shipping experiences with your business. Working with a local courier service means you are doing business with real people. Understanding your industry-specific requirements, a local company will meet your deadlines at a price that’s more realistic.


To ensure that you are doing your part to keep your customers happy – contact Econo-Courier! For over 45 years, we’ve offered local and affordable shipping services.