Get Ready for Seamless Holiday Shipping

The holidays tend to be a busier time of year for eCommerce businesses, with some businesses reporting 30% of their sales occurring during this holiday period. Holidays are busy for customers and your business, making now the perfect time to start preparing for upcoming holiday shipping needs.

Tips for Holiday Shipping

Shipping during the holiday season can be stressful. Here are 6 tips you can implement now to prepare for seamless holiday shipping.

  1. Review last year’s data.
    While it’s impossible to predict precisely what future sales will be, businesses can look at historical sales reports to plan. Use last year’s data to determine how much inventory, supplies, and employees you need this holiday season. Preparing in advance will help keep you on track with shipments through the season.
  2. Get rid of any delays now.
    Ideally, businesses should be shipping orders the same day they are received, especially during the holidays. Look at your current shipment schedule to identify delays or issues with shipments. If there is a delay now that isn’t addressed, the process will only get slower closer to the holidays.
  3. Know 2019 holiday shipping deadlines.
    Connect with carriers to find out what their holiday shipping deadlines are this year. Shipping companies determine their own cutoff dates and times, which means the dates can vary from company to company.
  4. Take extra precautions.
    More packages are shipped this time of year than any other, which means there are more employees handling packages, increasing the potential that something will get broken during transit. Be vigilant packing fragile items this time of year. Using bubble wrap, sturdier boxes, and heavy-duty tape are just a few changes businesses can make to keep items safer.
  5. Insure shipments.
    Since there are more packages this time of year, there is a higher chance that some boxes will get lost during shipment. Sometimes boxes are left behind at a loading station, some fall out of sight, and others get damaged, making them illegible and impossible to deliver. Invest in insurance to minimize the financial loss from having to reship lost inventory.   
  6. Control customer expectations.
    Customers have high expectations year-round, but during the holidays, these expectations tend to increase. Minimize complaints and bad reviews by clearly publishing what customers can expect regarding holiday shipping. Use your website or storefront to advertise your shipping strategy, turnaround time, and any additional information.


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