When Should Your Business Consider Hand Carry Services?

Businesses that are focused on customer satisfaction tend to spend time researching and understanding the variety of shipping options available today. Making sure deliveries go out and arrive on time is one of the most significant responsibilities shipping departments have. Using traditional shipping services like standard mail or courier delivery are the most common. However, what should a business do when they need to ship something of value? Should a diamond ring, antique clock, or medication be sent in the same manner as an easy-to-replace household item?

If your business needs to deliver more valuable or time-sensitive items, hand carry service may be a better solution.

What is Hand Carry Service?

Hand carry means that a courier will deliver an item by hand to its final destination. The item being delivered never leaves the courier’s hands.

Benefits of Handy Carry Service

Better security for valuable items.

Alternative shipping methods, including standard mail and private shipping companies, send items to a warehouse to be organized and redistributed to their delivery route and driver. Anything can happen to the package in these warehouses, even with the best protocols in place. When you need to be confident that an item remains intact, is not delayed in transit, and have confirmation of delivery, a hand carry service is the better choice.

Real-time updates from the courier.

Hand carry couriers provide real-time updates on the delivery status while they are traveling. You’ll know exactly when the item reaches every stage in the delivery.


A hand carry courier is not limited to set delivery timetables that other services have. There is no last call for pickups at 4 pm. If you need an item picked up and 7 pm, it is possible.

Where Can You Find Hand Carry Service?

Contact local courier companies to inquire if they offer hand carry service. When you find one that does, ask questions about their policies, procedures, and experience to determine if they are a good match for your business.

To learn more about a variety of local shipping options for your business, contact Econo-Courier today!