The Limitations of Standard Mail

When it comes to running a business, owners face plenty of decisions every day, from deciding who to hire to choosing the right location to figuring out how to ship deliveries to customers in a timely fashion. In today’s culture, customers expect fast and efficient deliveries. This expectation forces many businesses to thoroughly analyze their shipping strategy and look for new and innovative ways to deliver packages. Is standard mail the best choice? Or is it time to consider using a courier?

In the past, the idea of using a courier service to send packages was thought to be exclusive to large companies with a significant budget. Courier services are much more affordable and available today than ever before.

Courier vs. Standard Mail: Understanding the Differences

Delivery speed

On average, it takes 1 to 4 days for letters and packages to arrive at their destination when sending via standard mail. In some scenarios, they can arrive the next day, but typically only if you are mailing in the same city. If you are looking for same-day deliveries, a courier service is better equipped to handle your expectations, giving you a competitive advantage.


If your business doesn’t ship or mail an abundance of items, then standard mail is the more cost-effective choice. For those that have bulk deliveries, costs can add up quickly when choosing this option. Since there is no competition, standard mail rates are set in stone. There are plenty of couriers who all have to compete with one another to win customers. One way they do this is through a competitive pricing structure, which can save your business money.

Personalized service

As a business owner, delivery options are valuable. If you frequent the local post office regularly, the attendant may know your name, but they’re giving the same service and options to everybody that walks through the door. Choosing to work with a courier opens the door to personalized service where you can schedule pickup times that meet your needs and delivery windows that make customers happy.


Flexibility is especially important during your busiest seasons when you may need a last-minute delivery or additional pickups. Both of these are only available when working with a courier. The post office may add extra help during busy seasons, but the time it takes to deliver doesn’t get any faster.


While you may enjoy visiting the post office weekly or daily, it is not a convenient or efficient use of your time. Hiring a courier service for deliveries is more convenient because they come to you, which frees up your team to focus on other more critical tasks.


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