Millions of packages are shipped in the state of New Jersey each year, but are you packing your package correctly? We have come up with some important tips to help ensure your products stay safe during transit.

Have Plenty of Supplies

You need to have plenty of supplies before you start packing items for delivery or shipping. It doesn’t matter the distance of the delivery, the items should always be packed properly to avoid any damage to them. Make sure you have enough boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, foam packing peanuts, permanent markers and a couple pairs of scissors. If push comes to shove, you can use newspaper or magazine pages instead of packing peanuts and bubble wrap.

Organize Items Prior to Packing

Do your best to organize all items being shipped prior to packing them. You shouldn’t put just any items together in a box so you can ship just one box. It is better to ship multiple boxes that are packed correctly than to ship one incorrectly packaged box. Separate breakable items from non-breakable items. Wrap those breakable items as best you can in bubble wrap and surround them in the box with packing peanuts so they cannot move during shipment. Be sure you label all boxes with breakable items as ‘fragile’.

If you have a group of items that are shaped the same, either rectangular or odd-shaped, you should package those items together in their own box. This will make packing them much easier.

Label all boxes appropriately, including the destination address and possible contact info in the event they get misplaced. If this is for a personal or business move, label the boxes by room so the courier knows where to put them upon arrival.

Heavy Items on the Bottom

One of the most important rules of packing is to put the heavy items on the bottom of the box when packing heavy and light items together. This will prevent the box from rolling or bouncing around when in transit. It will also prevent the heavy item from breaking or crushing the lighter item.

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