We live in such a fast-paced world that many companies cannot find the time to transport their own goods or make deliveries to customers themselves. There are other reasons for this, including the inability to hire extra staff for deliveries. This is why courier services are so important to the economy. As the world continues to change, so do courier services.

What is Expedited Less Than Truckload Shipping?
Expedited less-than-a-truckload shipping, also referred to as LTL, is a service offered by Econo-Courier to businesses of all sizes. This service helps companies save time and money when shipping goods that will not fill an entire tractor trailer. Why would you pay for a tractor trailer if you cannot fill it completely? Econo-Courier has its own fleet of trucks and vans for you to choose from when shipping items.

Same-Day Rush Delivery
A popular benefit of rush trucking services from Econo-Courier is the same-day rush delivery service offered. If your shipment is being sent within 250 miles of the company’s headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey then you can send it same-day, no matter the size of the delivery.

Extended Route Deliveries
The most common destinations for shipments by Econo-Courier include Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Connecticut and New Jersey. If you need to deliver outside of these areas the staff at Econo-Courier can organize a delivery route for the shipment. Our relationships with others in the delivery service make extended route deliveries much easier to coordinate for all involved.

Package Arrives Safely
Another benefit of rush trucking services is that your package will arrive safely. When using rush trucking services from Econo-Courier the package will be handled as little as possible. It is loaded onto a van or truck and not touched again until it reaches its delivery destination.

Contact the experienced and friendly team at Econo-Courier in Parsippany, New Jersey today to have all of your rush trucking services questions answered. The office can be reached at (800) 526-9094.