We understand that no two businesses are alike. The same can be said for deliveries. No two deliveries are alike, even if they are sent by the same company and include the same items. Econo-Courier, based in New Jersey, offers a wide range of courier services for businesses that clients have been taking advantage of for years.

Same-Day Delivery Service
One of the most popular services offered to businesses is same-day delivery. Econo-Courier offers same-day delivery for destinations within 250 miles of the company’s headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey. This includes destinations all throughout New Jersey, as well as, destinations in Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Rhode Island.

Tractor Trailer Service
Econo-Courier has adapted to meet the needs of clients as they’ve grown. Tractor trailers are part of the company’s fleet that also includes straight trucks, vans and cars. Companies that need to make larger deliveries can do so with a tractor trailer from Econo-Courier. This can be done by having an empty trailer delivered for filling and delivery same-day. Delivery options include by appointment, direct, or time-certain.

Rush Trucking (LTL)
Rush trucking, or less-than-a-truckload (LTL), has become a very popular service offered to businesses by Econo-Courier. This type of courier service is perfect for companies that need to send items that do not fill an entire tractor trailer. Why pay for one when you don’t need it? These items can be delivered in a smaller box truck or van and done so same-day if within 250 miles of the Parsippany headquarters.

Man-in-A-VanSM Services
Econo-Courier also provides businesses with Man-in-A-VanSM services. This provides companies with a dedicated driver and vehicle without the company having to increase staffing or fleet. This is a fixed-cost contracted service, which means the company will save time and money using one of Econo-Courier’s experienced, uniformed drivers. The driver assigned to your company will be trained on your procedures, policies and delivery rules.

Be sure to contact the friendly and experienced team at Econo-Courier in Parsippany, New Jersey to discuss your company’s courier needs.