Same day delivery has begun to change the way the world shops, especially online. More and more retail outlets are offering online shipping that is delivered same day. The same can be said for courier services throughout the country, especially along the East Coast. Econo-Courier provides same day delivery service to customers within 250 miles of their headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Save Time and Money
No longer do you need to send an employee to find a shipping location for a carrier, wait in line and go through the information process for the destination address. Courier services can come to your location, pick up the package, and have it on its way within minutes. Your employees can now focus more of their time on tasks in the office.

Build Client Trust
One of the most convenient things about same day delivery is that companies can build trust with their clients. When you ship a package, item or document to a client same day, and it gets there within that day, your client will learn to trust you in more ways than one. Econo-Courier has the fleet of vehicles and professional staff of drivers to ensure all of your same day deliveries are handled in a timely manner without sacrificing the care of the package.

Cut Overhead Costs
Not every company can afford to manage its own fleet of vehicles or staff of drivers. Using same day delivery from a courier service can help cut or lower overhead costs for your business. Econo-Courier offers a Man-in-A-Van service where one driver will be dedicated to your company with a vehicle. He or she will be trained on all of your company policies and procedures too. This means your company can have a dedicated same day delivery driver at hand using a fixed contract.

Safer Package Delivery
Same day delivery convenience also includes safer package delivery than a common carrier. Couriers with Econo-Courier have years of experience in the field and care for packages like they are their own. This means that your product(s) will be handled carefully from the minute the courier picks it up to the minute he or she delivers it.

Contact the experienced staff at Econo-Courier today in Parsippany, New Jersey to discuss your company’s same day delivery needs.