E-commerce has been one of the biggest drivers of the courier services industry over the past handful of years. E-commerce, has exploded as retailers move their sales to the Internet, even if they still have brick-and-mortar stores. E-commerce has helped the courier industry grow, primarily with B2B and online shopping. But, of late, B2C has also helped the courier industry grow.

Advanced Tracking
As the E-commerce industry exploded, the courier industry learned how to adapt. One of those adaptations was with advanced tracking. Courier services now offer clients some of the best tracking options out there. Clients can track their packages from the minute the product leaves the retail company’s hands to the minute it is delivered to the client. Some courier services even offer tracking in real-time.

Focus Shifting to B2C
The courier services industry has begun to shift its focus from B2B to B2C deliveries. Before the advent of online shopping, the focus of the industry was B2B. Companies would order products or need documents delivered and couriers would be there to handle those deliveries. But, when online shopping was born, the focus shifted to B2C as retailers needed to get their products to customers. Now, retailers want to get products to customers either same-day or within two business days.

Expansion of Warehousing Services
The courier services industry has been shaped in many ways by E-commerce, one of which is the expansion of warehousing services. With so many businesses moving their services to the internet and away from brick-and-mortar, there is a larger need for warehousing services. Courier services are increasingly offering warehousing services to their clients. This means that the client can store products in a warehouse owned and operated by a courier. This makes it quicker when picking, packing and shipping orders to clients.

Relationship with Consumers Has Changed
The biggest change in the industry is that the relationship between consumers and retailers has changed. Retailers are in an unenviable position of having to please every customer 110 percent these days. Courier companies have adjusted their business models to aid in that satisfaction by offering same-day and next-day delivery options.

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