Key Qualities a Government Document Delivery Service Must Have

Does your government office need confidential documents delivered to a business, local municipality, or agency?

When deciding to ship confidential government documents, it’s vital that you hire a trust-worthy courier service to provide timely and secure service. They’ll offer you various transportation methods that optimize the delivery process, so your time-sensitive package arrives to its destination without delay.

If you’re ready to hire a government document delivery service, here are the top qualities the company must provide.

Secure Transportation

A government document delivery service, such as Econo-Courier, provides government departments and administrative agencies with secure transportation for their small packages. They employ professional drivers to handle your package and only drive on planned delivery routes. Also, when the driver delivers your package, they’ll verify the identity of the recipient to ensure the package is handed off to the right person.

White-Glove Service

If you’ve ever had a document delivered, you want it to be handled with the utmost care. A premium offering of a government document delivery service is white-glove handling. This method of handling and transporting specialty packages ensures safety protocols and guidelines are followed through the delivery process. This includes:

Careful placement of the confidential and specialty package in the vehicle
Constant monitoring of the valuable item during transit
Precise and meticulous delivery to the final recipient

On Time Delivery

One of the most important aspects of a government document delivery service is being on time and offering expedited services such as same-day delivery. Confidential packages will be picked up and delivered on the same day, creating higher rates of customer satisfaction.

Let Econo-Courier Safely Handle & Delivery Your Government Documents

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