Reliable Shipping Services

High quality service is clearly vital to any company that wants to grow and succeed. The question is where you can get a high quality service that will truly help you. Econo-Courier is the answer.

Econo-Courier, Inc was created in 1972 and incorporated I 1973 by Stephen T. Lippe in an effort to provide services to an increasing number of businesses that needed same day delivery of items that were too large for the “foot/bicycle messengers” of the time. In establishing the company Stephen determined that economies of the time, and price were as vital to companies then as they are today. In addition, the messengers of the day were then viewed as foot and bicycle delivery versus a more committed, reliable and professional services of a private courier and the name Econo-Courier was born. The notion at that time was to be able to hand deliver items of essentially any size to the end recipient in by a fast and economical means. In essence the name means, “save time and money with professional and reliable delivery.”

So what exactly can Econo-Courier do for your business? One of the main entities Econo-Courier is truly known for is expediting. Econo–Courier can ship extremely high quality items and a variety of many other items as well. Many businesses around the globe struggle to find high quality shipping services at a reasonable price. But now that you know about Econo- Courier, your shipping problems will be solved.

Listed below are many things Econo-Courier can ship:

1. Medications:

With Millions and millions of medications being shipped everyday, pharmaceutical companies and manufacturing companies need a high quality shipping service to transport their materials.

Huge corporations and companies need a shipping service that they can trust. Billions of people around the world are relying on these companies to send high quality medication that will save their lives. Pharmaceutical companies and manufacturing companies cannot have shipping companies misplace these vital and valuable medications. These medications are saving lives everyday, and Econo–Courier ensures that these medications get delivered on time at an effective price.

2. Time Sensitive Documents:

Vital and important companies depend on high quality shipping services to ship time sensitive documents. They need to depend on a service that will always be there. For example, if a service has an emergency and needs time sensitive and very important documents shipped out, a regular mailing and shipping service won’t be able to adapt to the situation. However, with Econo–Courier we can ship out these documents and adapt to the situation without panic.

3. Freight:

Econo–Courier is extremely flexible and can really adapt to many situations. Econo–Courier can transport goods in many different ways. Goods can be transferred by truck, train, ship, or even aircraft. Econo– Courier can transfer goods based on how a particular company or brand wants them transferred. This is another reason why Econo–Courier is so effective and best at what they do.

4. Furniture and Office Items:

Econo–Courier has a lot of experience with transferring furniture and office items. These items range from large and valuable antique items all the way to computer desk and dinning room materials. Econo–Courier has extensive materials that will make sure goods arrive in pristine condition.

All in all, Econo–Courier is a company that truly wants to help companies succeed. If you really need a high quality service to help you transport your goods you Econo–Courier is the best.

To find out more about what Econo-Courier can ship for you, contact us at (973) 882-8004.