Celebrating 50 years of service this year, Econo-Courier is the most trusted New Jersey courier service around. From couriers to trucks and vans to tractor-trailers, we can deliver packages of any size from anywhere in the Northeastern United States to customers across the nation.

Keep reading to see what makes our company unique and how our array of courier and delivery services can significantly benefit you and your company.

Econo-Courier is Your Go-To New Jersey Courier Service

From documents to mechanical parts to merchandise, Econo-Courier is your go-to New Jersey courier service. It all started decades ago with just one van, and over the years, Econo-Courier has grown and expanded to handle all of your transporting needs.

When you choose Econo-Courier as your New Jersey courier service, you know that your packages, pallets, and other valuables will arrive at their scheduled destination safely and on time. Depending on precisely what you want to ship, there are many options available to meet your specific needs.

Same-Day Service

With Econo-Courier’s Same Day Service, your packages and parcels are guaranteed to arrive at their scheduled destination the day they are sent (within a 250-mile radius). You don’t have to wait, and you don’t have to worry. Your assets are under the watchful eye of one of the top-rated dispatches and expediting services in the entire industry.

Courier Services

Courier services are perfect for sensitive documents, parcels, and small packages. If you need government documents delivered to a different office branch, we can get them there for you. We also provide deliveries for medical supplies, pharmaceutical supplies, and patient records to hospitals, pharmacies, and doctors’ offices.


Man-In-A-VanSM is a unique service that allows you to hire a professional and trustworthy Econo-Courier delivery driver dedicated to your company’s needs. They’ll know the ins and outs of your company, policies, and practices, as well as regular customers.

This is the perfect service for a growing business that wants to offer delivery service to stay competitive but doesn’t want to expend the resources to bring on an additional employee and pay the expenses for a company vehicle.

Expedited Less-Than-Truckload (LTL)

This is a service for larger deliveries. You can rest assured that Econo-Courier will handle your carton and pallet-sized loads with the same care given to small packages and parcels. Your assets will be tightly secured and hand-delivered to ensure less handling and less chance of damaging the items.

Truckload (Tractor Trailer Service)

For time-specific delivery or same-day delivery of full truckloads, Econo-Courier’s tractor trailer service is the best option. This service provides the same handling care and tracking capabilities as other Econo-Courier services.

You will also have the flexibility of choosing to load an empty trailer while the drivers wait, or you can have an empty trailer dropped off for you to load. Once the trailer is filled, you can contact us for pick up.

Ship Securely with Econo-Courier

Whatever you need to transport, Econo-Courier is ready to deliver. We provide an array of courier services designed to help you ship with peace of mind. In addition to same-day delivery, we can readily ship any item to the New York Metro Area or Philadelphia Metro Area, allowing you to focus on your business and less on logistics.

To find out how our services can benefit you or your organization, visit Econo-Courier online today!